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New Look Haul

Here are some of the things that I picked up in New Look, either in store or online, recently!

I’m hoping to have some new pin mail soon and there’s a book order due soon that I’m super excited about! I’m also taking part in spookathon over on twitter and instagram!

On with the haul!

I got these from the website on sale!

I wanted this mug since I first saw it in store and wanted it so bad! But couldn’t justify the cost. I found it on the UK site for £3 whereas in store it was still full price.

I also picked up this cute plate for £4 and hairband for £1.50. I love them and can’t wait to use them!

I am obsessed with accessories and picked up these on sale for an event I went to back in August. So cute!

I found this bowl in my local New Look on sale (and the only one not chipped!) and I had to get it! It’s so cute and a really nice size too.

Last thing that I bought from New Look recently are these earrings that I also got on sale! Love them! I’m really into the whole cross vibe. I love getting stuff in New Look on sale as most of their stuff is pricey for what it is.



Gilles Pin Club September/October

I love pins and I recently signed up to this pin club over on patreon!

This will cover last months and this months pins as they arrived together!


First up is September and that months pin was a Magical Girl themed Slyveon! She is so cute! I’m currently collecting Slyveon pins so I knew I had to have this!

Octobers pin was Halloween inspired! It’s Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. I love the glitter detail on this pin!

I totally recommend signing up to this pin club!



Kickstarter Part 8

Made on Main Street Co

I adore Disney and I’m planning a Disney themed ita bag too! So when I came across this kickstarter I knew that Dumbo pin would be perfect! I am excited to see what other characters will be released! I’m hoping Marie and Ms Bunny will be included!




I am wanting to create a 40mm Gold Plated enamel pin of a Red Panda from a cute show we all know and love.

I love this character so much so when I saw a kickstarter for a pin of her I knew I had to back it! I totally recommend watching the series over on Netflix, Japanese with subs if you can as it’s much better. I am so hyped for the next season!


Kickstarter Part 7

Dark DeviL

I am so excited for these! I’m a huge Pokemon fan and these will be so perfect especially for Halloween!

I got the 5 pin reward but it also includes one extra!


I couldn’t resist these next pins!

Project image for ★ Holobat's Heroines ★ Hard Enamel Pins


I backed this for CCS of course but also that Pink Diamond pin. I seriously need some Steven Universe pins in my life! She’s also planning more in this series including some Disney gals and I am so excited!



Xiumai Kickstarter plus order

I backed another My Hero Academia kickstarter, I just can’t resist! How cute are these?

I also took advantage of her free shipping and bought some bits from her website!

First up is the Kickstarter which is Halloween themed!

Boku no Hero Academia Pins fit for the Halloween occasion!

I backed 6 in total! I tried to stick with similar characters for the MHA kickstarters that I backed!

I also bought some bits from her website too!

I picked up these My Hero Academia Fantasy Charms! So cute!

And these Cardcaptor Sakura pins!

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Cult Beauty Lime Crime Sale

I am way too obsessed with the Plushie lipsticks by Lime Crime so when I saw that Cult Beauty were doing a sale I jumped on them!

I picked up four shades; Sorbet, Violet, Lavender Honey and Cherry Soda.

I’ve been wanting to try Lavender Honey since it came out! It was one of the first shades released! Cherry Soda is an exclusive shade so not sold on the Lime Crime website! Sorbet was part of the Summer collection and Violet, while a little out of my comfort zone, looked so pretty on people that I had to try it!